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Chaumet Replica

Chaumet Replica watch manufacturing company get the Liens collection with new references of various diameters (33 mm, automatic caliber or 27 mm quarta movement movement). Parts which connecting in the elegance and originality from the element gracefully embracing the housing, the iridescent white-colored gem and sparkling diamonds

Chaumet's precious watches would be the time keeping interpretations from the Maison's creations. Designed as "jewels that tell the time", they perpetuate the Chaumet Replica tradition of jewelry watches, since 1811. Produced with similar focus on detail and creativeness that's focused on jewellery, these watches complement the collections, offering women both elegance and modernity. Chaumet Replica starts a brand new chapter of Le Temps Joaillier signed by Chaumet.

Lit through the radiant lustre of white-colored mother-of-gem and also the sparkle of diamonds, the dial from the new Liens Lumiere watch adorns the wrist during the day by night. Mother-of-gem, much searched for after because of its shimmering glare, has enhanced probably the most exceptional timepieces because the 1700s.

It provides its radiant hues towards the new watch's soft curves. Creating endless plays on light and colour, it evokes altering skies or water touched by sunlight, making each watch unique

Much more surprising is always that Chaumet Replica also asked Cecchini to create a brand new Class One watch included in the exhibition project. The special edition all-white-colored timepiece reflects the Wallwave Vibration piece using its rippling leather strap and eliminate mother-of-gem dial. 'The strap is definitely an extension from the situation,' Cecchini explains, 'it's sculptural to the touch a nearly exact translation of my work.' The look required annually to obtain finished. I loved the thought of going from maxi to micro since the challenge would be to keep your quality and integrity on scales,' expalins Cecchini 'Also, a wrist watch isn't an work of art, it's a helpful object, so I needed to find out how a wrist watch is created - which brings another dimension to my work.'