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Cartier Tonneau Replica

The strong geometric watch designs created by Cartier connect the company towards the Art Deco movement within the minds on most watch aficionados which is correct that the publish World war one years were an abundant here we are at Cartier's designers. The timepiece making good reputation for Cartier goes back much beyond this though, giving the company archive a far more eclectic selection of influences.

The very first Cartier replica watch were pure second Empire style with fob watches and chatelaines adorned with swags and chains but the introduction of the Cartier style as you may know it today started when Louis Cartier became a member of the look team in 1898. Producing the Santos watch in 1904 is extensively recorded however the Tonneau Cintree, a wrist watch design which has survived to look in contemporary collections, is nearly as old with examples dating back to so far as 1906. If Art Deco involved geometric shapes, then your Tonneau Cintree is pure Art Nouveau taking its form from lengthy sinuous organic lines.

This Cartier Tonneau Replica watch was curvaceous in profile in addition to face-on, being rounded to suit the wrist. This really is still a sizable watch by today's standards however the slim strap width provides it with an unavoidable air of elegance.

If you want your watches large but hate the chunky clunky feel of some contemporary models - then embrace the wistful air from the Art Nouveau movement, celebrate certainly one of Cartier's earliest designs and put on the Tonneau Cintree Replica.

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